Esport membership

Enjoy a wide range of top quality fitness services at six locations – all with a single membership card!

You may choose between a flexible open-ended Esport Flexi agreement or a 12-month Esport Smart agreement incorporating a facility to pause membership for one month, e.g. for your annual holiday.

Our locations

A single membership gives you access to six locations:

  • Espoo: Esport Center-Esport Arena (the largest sports centre in the Nordic countries), the awesome Esport Aalto opened in August 2018, and the Esport Express locations in Mankkaa and Suomenoja.
  • Downtown Helsinki: The wonderful Esport Bristol location opened in 2015 in the Aikatalo building.

My Esport

Online bookings are now available via the new My Esport service.

Esport members may use their web reservation codes to reserve places on group exercise classes. The My Esport website includes an online booking system with access to your own registration details and workout history.


Membership tiers

There is much more to Esport membership than a mere gym admission card. Esport members enjoy numerous cash-value benefits that are advertised together with other current events on our noticeboard and in a member bulletin that is e-mailed to all members. Be ready to display your membership card whenever claiming member benefits.

It pays to be a loyal member!

Continuous Esport membership is worth keeping, as we reward our most loyal members with benefits at various tiers.

You reach the Bronze tier after 2 years of continuous membership.

The Silver tier begins when you have been a member continuously for 5 years.

The Gold tier requires uninterrupted membership for 8 years.

Platinum tier members have been with us continuously for 10 years and enjoy Platinum tier benefits.


Further details are available from our customer service staff!

5-month and 12-month Personal Training combination memberships


Esport membership

Member benefits

50 per cent Esport member discount on racquet sport club sessions!

Esport members may play racquet sports for half price at the following times:


Sessions beginning at 11.30-14.30 on weekdays

Sessions beginning at or after 20.00 on Fridays

Sessions beginning at or after 19.00 on Saturdays

Sessions beginning at 08.00-09.00 on Sundays



Sessions beginning at 10.00-14.00 on weekdays

All times on Fridays

Sessions beginning at or after 17.00 on Saturdays

Sessions beginning at 08.00-10.00 on Sundays



Sessions beginning at 10.15-14.15 on weekdays

Sessions beginning at 08.15-10.15 on Saturdays

Sessions beginning at 08.15-10.15 on Sundays


The discount is based on the normal price for 1 daily playing session per member. Only one player need be a member to qualify for the discount. A membership card or wristband must be displayed to claim this benefit. No discount is available for online court reservations.


Member benefits at Esport shops

A 15 per cent discount on all normal price purchases at the Esport Center Pro Shop and Esport Arena Shop.


Racquet games in the summer season

Free racquet games (squash, racquetball, badminton, indoor tennis) during the summer season (tennis between 1 June and 14 August, squash/badminton between 16 June and 14 August) at Esport Center in Espoo.


Fitness centre partners

Esport and Hukka Sports Centre in Oulu are fitness centre partners. Ask our customer service staff about free visitor passes at Hukka. For further details check out the website at

Price List

Esport-membership price list (age limit 14 years)
Esport Flexi (a flexible open-ended agreement) 78 €/kk
12-month Esport Smart agreement 74 €/kk
Esport Flexi (a flexible open-ended agreement) - student 66 €/kk
12-month Esport Smart agreement - student 64 €/kk
Bristol Flexi Day - a flexible open-ended deaytime membership, including only Bristol (mon-fri 6.30-15.30) 52 €/k
Bristol Smart Day 12-month agreement - a daytime membership including only Bristol (mon-fri 6.30-15.30) 48 €/kk
The joining fee 70 €

Personal Training 5 kk ja 12 kk yhdistelmäjäsenyydet
PT-yhdistelmäjäsenyydessä sitoudut joko 5 kk tai 12 kk ja liität jäsenyyteesi haluamasi määrän pt-tapaamisia /kk. Tämä on edullisin tapa treenata säännöllisesti PT:n kanssa kuukausimaksulla! Lunasta jäsenyytesi asiakasneuvojalta.
Esport Smart 12 kk jäsenyys + 1 PT-tapaaminen/kk 120 €/kk
Esport Smart 12 kk jäsenyys + 2 PT-tapaamista/kk 170 €/kk
Esport Smart 12 kk jäsenyys + 4 PT-tapaaminen/kk 260 €/kk
Esport Flexi (toistaiseksi voimassaoleva jäsenyys) + 1 PT-tapaaminen/kk 140 €/kk
Esport Flexi (toistaiseksi voimassaoleva jäsenyys) + 2 PT-tapaamista/kk 190 €/kk
Esport Flexi (toistaiseksi voimassaoleva jäsenyys) + 4 PT-tapaamista/kk 290 €/kk