Esport Bristol

Esport Bristol provides an inspiring and highly innovative setting for working out, with a perfect ambience, services and facilities for focusing on your training needs.

Activities at Esport Bristol include AirYoga, HotYoga, functional workouts in a dedicated Functional Studio, and a wide range of Les Mills classes. Our versatile gym is more than 500 square metres in size.

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AirYoga at Bristol

You can take AirYoga classes at Esport Bristol. A ceiling-mounted AirYoga hammock helps stabilise your body weight so that you can direct the force of gravity to various parts of the body. The hammock enables more challenging movements for more agreeable and gentle stretching. These exercises are great for developing the core musculature, improving body control and mobility. Our AirYoga course selection ranges from physically demanding classes to lighter and more relaxing guided periods.

Recommended clothing for these classes consists of a sleeved shirt and long zipless tights. All watches, jewellery etc. should be removed before yoga exercises. AirYoga is not recommended during pregnancy

Exercise groups

Esport Bristol arranges a wide selection of group exercise classes, with more than 100 classes every week! These include Les Mills, AirYoga, and trampoline classes, and more relaxed Body&Mind and HotYoga classes.

Personal Training

The Personal Training services consist of monthly PT memberships and different kinds of PT packages.

Getting started is easy – your personal training membership starts with a complimentary consultation meeting, which you have gained when becoming an Esport member*.

Individualized coaching is investing in your own health and well-being in the future. Together with the Esport Personal Trainer you will assign and reach your goals, regardless of your starting level!

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Online reservations

No more than half of the places in group exercise classes may be reserved through the online system, which displays the number of places reserved online. The online system also shows any changes of instructor and class content.

Please note that reservations must be claimed no later than 12 minutes before the session begins. Read more!


For a concert-like workout experience incorporating awesome audio-visuals, Stage provides an unprecedented exercise setting with a giant screen the likes of which you will not find elsewhere.

Functional Studio

The Functional Studio provides a new kind of functional workout space for agility, speed, endurance and strength training. Functional Studio classes are great for comprehensively building various body areas. Functional training is a foundation for basic bodily movement and motion in free space, seeking good posture and proper body function.


For relaxation in the hustle of city life, our Hot Studio provides a unique yoga or body care experience at a temperature that will help your entire body unwind. An ambient temperature of 35 to 38 degrees makes your exercise comfortable and safe. Your muscles and joints are more elastic at this temperature, helping you to work with various postures for longer periods at deeper levels in a shorter time.

Cardio Studio

The aerobic equipment in our Cardio Studio is made by Precor, the world’s leading manufacturer. The Precor range at Esport Bristol includes treadmills, cross-trainers, exercise bikes, AMT machines, and steppers. Each machine features a high-quality touchscreen for controlling user-friendly and varied exercise programs, watching TV and training videos on other Precor machines, or using the Preva system to support your workout.


The spacious and well-lit gym on the second floor at Esport Bristol meets all the needs of the modern fitness enthusiast. A broad choice of free weight and weight stack equipment and aerobic machines enables a wide range of workouts. Our facilities include top quality Gym80 fitness machines, free weights and bars for Rogue weight training, and a great selection of treadmills, exercise bikes and cross-trainers. We provide superb facilities for functional and other workouts.

Fitness Testing Room

Esport has long experience of employee fitness testing, with trained testing staff able to arrange high standard, professional tests. Testing has been shown to improve motivation for exercise, and helps everyone to begin working out in a personally customized and safe way.

cabinet meeting room

The cabinet meeting room at Esport Bristol is adaptable for company meetings, cosy lunches or a forum for well-being presentations.

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