Online reservation instructions

No more than half of the places in group exercise classes may be reserved through the online system, which displays the number of places reserved online. The online system also shows any changes of instructor and class content.

Please note that reservations must be claimed no later than 12 minutes before the session begins.

Please also remember to cancel your reservation if you are unable to attend! Further details are available under: Cancelling a reservation.

The online reservation system may be less responsive during overnight updates between 01.00 and 10.00.

First login:

User name:

e-mail address



The e-mail address entered as your user name will be the one that you provided in your contact details. You may check this with our customer service staff if necessary. You must change your password on logging into the system for the first time.


Placing a reservation

  • You may place three reservations at a time, with one reservation per period. You may reserve a new period after attending the period that you reserved.
  • Reservations may be placed two weeks in advance.
  • You may place a reservation for periods on the same day no later than two (2) hours before the period is due to begin.
  • Reservations must be claimed no later than 12 minutes before the session begins. You claim a reservation at reception in the same way as when arriving for a normal class by inserting your own Fitness Card and selecting the session on the touch screen.
  • Unclaimed online reservations will be cancelled and made available to others 11 minutes before the session is due to begin.


Cancelling a reservation and penalties

  • Please cancel your online reservation no later than two (2) hours before the scheduled start of the reserved period if you are unable to attend. Reservations may only be cancelled via the online system.
  • Your online reservation rights will be suspended for one month if you fail to cancel three unattended periods in three months.
  • Please notify reception on finding that your reservation rights have been suspended, and your rights will be restored one month after the last failure to cancel a reservation that was not attended. Please note that your reservation rights will not be restored automatically, but only after you have notified us.


Class changes

  • The system will delete your reservation if a class is cancelled due to illness or for similar reasons.
  • Your reservation will also be deleted, even if a substitute class is arranged in lieu of the cancelled class.

Come and look us over!

Are you curious about joining, but only after first paying us a visit? You can do this by booking time for a free visit with our customer service staff. Please complete the following form with your contact details and we shall get in touch! Your details will not be recorded for any other purpose.

  • I would like to visit you at the following location:*

Terms and conditions of free visits:

  • Residents of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area may look over the sports services of an Esport establishment by visiting free of charge twice during any calendar year. These visits must be arranged in advance with our customer service staff, or visitor fees of EUR 20 are payable at Esport Center and Esport Bristol, EUR 15 at Esport Arena and EUR 10 at Esport Express.
  • Please provide your contact details using the following form and our customer service staff will get in touch. Remember to specify the location that you would like to visit.
  • There is an age limit of 14 years at all locations. (A Personal Trainer provides workout guidance free of charge for 14-year-olds before membership begins. Contact our customer service staff for further details)