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Physical fitness has been scientifically proven to have a significant impact on one’s stamina and energy levels in daily life. Fitness tests provide you with valuable information about your health and have been shown to boost motivation for engaging in physical activity and adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

All of our fitness tests at our testing stations are validated and based on well-researched information, and the testing equipment we use is among the most accurate on the market. With decades of experience in fitness testing, we annually assess the fitness of over 3000 clients at our testing stations.

Our fitness tests are suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone who undergoes a fitness test at our stations leaves with a positive and motivated outlook.

Your well-being is in good hands with us.


Energy Test is a comprehensive assessment of well-being and stamina that provides information about your health, your body’s performance, and, consequently, your overall energy levels. It is the most versatile fitness test we offer, providing you with the most comprehensive overview of your holistic well-being, your physical fitness level, and your energy levels. As such, we recommend it as the primary choice for all customers interested in fitness testing.

The Energy Test consists of three components: a well-being questionnaire, body measurements, and light fitness assessments. It is easy to participate in the Energy Test, regardless of your fitness level.

You will receive your test results immediately after the test, delivered to your phone in a clear and easily interpretable summary. From your test results, you can easily identify which areas need improvement and will quickly boost your energy when you start working on your physical fitness.

As part of the overall results, you will also receive a personalized energy index. This index provides concrete information in terms of emotions and minutes, indicating how much energy your current physical fitness level gives you for your daily life. It tells you how long you can work, engage in hobbies, or enjoy your leisure time with energy.

The fitness classifications used in the test and the innovative calculation model for the Energy Index are based on extensive international scientific research and a strong research foundation.

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Fitness testing for companies

For decades, we have been conducting fitness testing for companies of all sizes and across various industries.

A fitness testing event is not just about physical activity; it’s also a communal experience that brings employees together and sparks discussions about promoting both collective and individual well-being long after the fitness testing event.

Our Energy Test, designed for corporate groups, is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and provides motivating insights into one’s physical fitness. The fitness testing session also includes refreshments and a feedback session at the end, where we discuss how to improve various aspects of fitness based on the test results.

Fitness testing takes place at our spacious, comfortable, and high-quality testing facilities under the guidance of skilled assessors. Sauna facilities and dining options are available as part of the fitness testing event. You can also order healthy salads or smoothies to continue your day in our premises, whether for meetings or other activities.

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