Muscular Fitness Testing

Muscular fitness is a significant factor in overall well-being. Good muscular fitness helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders and issues, positively affects health, and improves balance. Muscular fitness also plays a role in everyday tasks, influencing activities such as getting up from a chair, carrying groceries, or climbing stairs.

At Esport’s fitness testing station, we conduct a muscular fitness test based on the test battery developed by the UKK Institute. This test comprehensively assesses the functionality and endurance of your muscles. From the test, you receive a comprehensive, evidence-based assessment of your muscular fitness, along with recommendations for improving it. Knowing your current level of muscular fitness makes it easy to set goals for enhancing your muscular strength and allows you to measure your progress through follow-up testing if desired.

When your muscular fitness is at an adequate level, you recover better, and you have plenty of energy for daily life.

Price: 30 € (20 € when combined with the cycle ergometer test)

Esport Muscular Fitness Testing