Getting started

The Esport Personal Trainer (PT) is an exercise an health professional who will help you reach your goals, regardless of your starting level. Together, you will assign goals towards better mental and physical well-being. Whether your goal is to have a more active everyday life, to gain strength or to undertake a complete lifestyle renovation, our trainer will help you succeed!

Getting started is easy – your personal training membership starts with a complimentary consultation meeting, which you have gained when becoming an Esport member*. The agenda of the meeting is to go through your background, wishes and goals, so that training together and getting started would flow smoothly. Making goals is the requirement for reaching them and for creating an individualized exercise plan. With the support of a professional, your motivation will rise to new hights!

* Esport Smart & Flex memberships

Esport Personal Training

The Personal Training services consist of monthly PT memberships and different kinds of PT packages. You can decide for yourself how often you want to train – it is possible to train together from several times a week to meeting monthly for a check-up or refreshing a training program. Together with our qualified PT, you will find an optimal rhythm for your appointments.

Individualized coaching is investing in your own health and well-being in the future. Be brave and try out our Personal Training services, book your first appointment here.

The Personal Training price list is shown at the bottom of this page.

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Price list


The new Esport Personal Training monthly membership is a convenient and affordable way to train regularly with a Personal Trainer. You may choose one, two or four sessions per month. Monthly membership is a great way to maintain a regular training routine and get professional support and motivation for your workout every month! This is a convenient and optimally cost-effective way to train regularly with a Personal Trainer for a monthly fee!

1 PT session per month 75 €

2 PT sessions per month 140 € (70 € per session)

4 PT sessions per month 260 € (65 € per session)

You can get your monthly membership when you have a valid Esport, Express, or Arena Card membership. Monthly membership begins with a fixed term of six months and then continues indefinitely, subject to notice of termination at the end of the following month.


100 sessions 7490 €

50 sessions 3760 €

25 sessions 1890 €

10 sessions 790 €

5 sessions 429 €

1 session 129 €

You can pay for a Personal Training package at Customer Service before the first session.

Packages of 10-50 sessions may be paid for in one, two or three installments.


Price for a session 189 €

Duo PT is partner training with a Personal Trainer for two people at the same time. This is a great option for couples or friends! Please note! One DUO session includes a 55-minute workout for two people in a fitness room. Guidance does not include preparing programmes.

Customer experiences

What can the Esport Personal Trainer help with?

  • “Developing and achieving quicker results”
  • “Rehabilitation and restoring functional capacity”
  • “More goal-oriented training”
  • “Establishing regular training and a routine”
  • “Improving fitness”
  • “Losing weight”
  • “Telling me what I’m doing wrong and why I’m not losing weight”
  • “Determining and improving performance technique”
  • “Movements that stretch hidden muscles”
  • “Learning new movements and exercises”
  • “Getting a more versatile fitness room workout”
  • “Finding weaknesses and correcting problems”
  • “Nutrition advice and diet planning”
  • “Comprehensively managing a change of life”

What are your experiences of Esport Personal Training?

  • “I found a trainer to suit my needs”
  • “Real professionals with years of experience”
  • “Better than elsewhere”
  • “Versatile. I am highly satisfied”
  • “A good experience. The testing service is a major plus”
  • “With many Personal Trainers, you are sure to find one who is suitable”
  • “A source of inspiration for persevering in training!”

Esport Personal Trainers