Class descriptions


These classes seek to improve such aspects as balance, coordination, body control and mobility. They are suitable for all participants.

BODYBALANCE® (Les Mills) A yoga-based exercise form that harmonises the mind and body. The class exercises improve body balance, strength, mobility and relaxation.

HOTPILATES AND PILATES A body control approach that seeks to enhance functional posture by strengthening the core and teaching physiologically orthodox exercises. Class participants may use a Pilates ball and small hand weights.

HOT YOGA AND YOGA A refreshing and relaxing yoga exercise that boosts mobility, strength and body control. Class themes vary week by week. The class is introductory level, providing a foundation for flow yoga classes.

HOT STRETCHING AND STRETCHING A calm stretching class that seeks to increase mobility and release muscular tension. The class begins with a brief warm-up.

HOT YIN YOGA A calm yoga exercise that balances the whole body and mind, with long stretches focusing on the connective tissues. Yin Yoga applies extended and calm movements to relax and loosen up the body. The class requires no prior yoga experience.



Workouts that challenge physical performance. These classes are ideal for experienced participants seeking to test their own physical limits.

GRIT® CARDIO (Les Mills) A 30-minute hard workout to enhance aerobic performance and endurance. This unique combination of bodyweight training exercises applies the high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) method. (Bristol)

GRIT® PLYO (Les Mills) A 30-minute plyometric power workout that puts your muscles to the test with jumps, push-ups, sprints and squats. GRIT PLYO is an athletic workout combining strength and agility. (Bristol)

GRIT® STRENGTH (Les Mills) A workout that builds muscle strength and improves oxygen uptake using a bar, weights and step board as training resistance. This intensive, challenging 30-minute workout is perfect for building body muscle mass and for body maintenance. (Bristol, Aalto)

HOT FLOW YOGA An advanced level Esport yoga class for participants who have completed enough blue hot flow yoga classes. Challenge your body dynamism, strength, control and mobility with this power flow yoga class. (Bristol)

SPRINT™ (Les Mills) A 30-minute high intensity interval training class. SPRINT™ is a challenging, high-intensity workout using an indoor track cycling exercise bike for maximum training impact. (Center)

TABATA is a high-intensity interval workout based on the H.I.I.T. approach. A Tabata workout comprises comprehensive whole body loading exercises using your body weight and various items of exercise equipment.


These effective, fun classes provide an easy way to begin building fitness. They are suitable for all participants.

AIR YOGA An introduction to air yoga demonstrating the hammock and building confidence in its use, and practicing the basic exercises of air yoga. AirYoga is not recommended during pregnancy. (Bristol, Center)

BACK TO BUSINESS is a 30-minute class for participants seeking to strengthen the back, neck and shoulders. This peaceful health workout gently loosens the back, neck and shoulder areas, improving mobility through the entire body. The classes also focus on strengthening core muscles and improving posture. (Aalto)

BARRE™ (Les Mills) Les Mills Barre is a 30 or 45-minute class that effectively strengthens the core and improves mobility, while also providing suitable challenges for balance and coordination. Modern music combines with ballet-inspired positions and descriptions to foster a uniquely direct and dignified ambience in these classes. Some exercises use small weights. No previous ballet experience is required. There is no mandatory footwear, but dance slippers or socks work well. (Center and Bristol)

BOXING This effective and safe fitness boxing class is an ideal way for all participants to get in shape fast. The class learns the basic techniques of boxing, practicing in pairs using a range of effective equipment. (Espoo)

CARDIO RIDE A fast-paced indoor cycling class that improves endurance. These classes improve bodily performance and oxygen uptake, accelerating carbohydrate metabolism. Indoor cycling effectively sculpts the legs and buttocks, toning the entire body. The instructor personally designs the class and selects the accompanying music to accommodate the individual preferences of participants. (Center, Aalto)

CORE-STRETCHING classes comprise a half hour of exercises to strengthen the core, followed by a relaxing period of stretching. (Center)

CXWORX® (Les Mills) is a 30-minute intensive core workout that strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, back and buttocks using resistance bands, weights and dynamic muscle toning exercises. This class will challenge both beginners and active fitness enthusiasts.

ESPORT EASY A powerful aerobics class providing a straightforward introduction to the basic steps of aerobics and improved muscle tone through the use of various types of gym equipment. (Center)

KETTLE BELL An athletic and powerful kettle bell class comprising functional exercises to improve muscle tone and body control. These classes are suitable for all participants. (Center)

KICKBOXING A varied and action-packed kickboxing class suitable for participants of all ages and experience levels. The class learns the basic techniques of kickboxing, and ends with an effective and varied workout. (Center)

MORNING RIDE A brisk morning bike ride that brings perspiration and respiration to the beat of varied music personally selected by the instructor. The class progresses at a moderate pace towards greater exertion for a full cardiovascular workout. This class is a great way to start your day. (Center, Aalto)

SUPERBOOTY Get those buttocks in shape – SUPER BOOTY is here! A rock hard 30-minute workout for the buttocks, incorporating all of the most effective and swift-acting exercises from the gym. This is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a simple and tough workout that brings visible results! IT’S BOOTY TIME! (Bristol, Center)

TONE™ (Les Mills) is a comprehensive 45-minute package of muscle tone, endurance and core development exercises in a single workout. A wide range of exercises may be included to ensure that the class provides a suitable challenge for participants in any physical condition.

TRIMMI is a circuit training class that builds both muscle tone and aerobic fitness. The class combines equipment training with functional exercises, including work with kettle bells and suspension training. (Center)


These classes comprise a wide range of step series, some including elements of dance.

BODYJAM® (Les Mills) is a high-energy, engaging dance class combining the latest trends in music and dance.

ESPORT SHAPE is a choreography class built around the basic steps of aerobics, and includes a brief and effective period of muscle tone development. (Center)

LATIN DANCE PARTY This fun and engaging class focusing on international and Latin dance music is ideal for participants of all ages and abilities. (Center)

SH’BAM® (Les Mills) An easy and crazy fun Les Mills class practicing the latest dance moves to the rhythms of top ten hits and golden classics. Come as you are, leave as a star!

STEP A choreography step class developed from basic moves of aerobics for people who enjoy a challenge. The class may also include a brief period of muscle tone development. (Center)

WORLD JUMPING® PARTY Climb up on the mini-trampoline and let yourself go! Our WORLD JUMPING® PARTY is a happy, action-packed class that is easy on the joints, with music that moves you to dance, leaving you full of energy! Suitable for all comers, even with back and knee problems. (Bristol, Center)



A pacy and effective workout. These classes are ideal for participants seeking challenging exercises.

ASTANGA YOGA A dynamic form of exercise that builds strength. Classes begin with calm breathing exercises before the transition to basic asana postures, and the class ends with a calming relaxation phase. (Aalto, Bristol)

BODYATTACK® (Les Mills) is high-energy interval training incorporating efficient and straightforward step series. Bodyweight training exercises help to improve muscle tone. The class focuses on aerobic fitness.

BODYCOMBAT® (Les Mills) This power training is based on the arts of self-defence, with exercises influenced by karate, boxing, tai chi and other disciplines. An effective class with a special focus on building aerobic fitness and challenging bodily coordination.

BODYPUMP® (Les Mills) A full-body muscle tone workout with global appeal. Weights vary between 2 and 32 kilos, according to your fitness level.

BODYSTEP® (Les Mills) A brisk step class that gives a real boost to aerobic fitness. The exercises are designed to provide a choice of heavier or lighter options.

HOT FLOW YOGA A flowing class of power yoga built around a varying theme, with asana postures linked into a flowing series of exercises that combine dynamism, strength, body control and mobility. This class is intended for participants who have completed hot yoga classes.

RPM® (Les Mills) is a pacy indoor cycling class that explores the high heart rate zone through varying terrain. RPM classes are ideal for all participants, as speed and resistance can be adjusted according to the rider’s preferences. (Center)

THE TRIP® is a perfect new combination of workout, technology and physical challenges. The instructor takes this 40-minute class through a 3D world where the music and surroundings combine to form a virtual reality, bringing an entirely new dimension to your workout. State-of-the-art sound reproduction in this unique 3D world provides an exceptional indoor cycling class experience that you won’t find elsewhere. Welcome to a completely new workout generation! (Aalto)

WORLD JUMPING® is an action-packed, enjoyable mini-trampoline jumping class that is easy on the joints. This class helps participants in such areas as body core control, coordination and aerobic fitness. It is not recommended during pregnancy or within three months of giving birth.



The Cardio Training class is a 30-minute period of high-intensity aerobics with interval exercises of varying duration on treadmills, exercise bikes, cross-trainers and steppers. Participants are free to select their preferred aerobic equipment for each exercise. This class is ideal for all cardio training enthusiasts. The exercise intensity may be adjusted according to the participant’s individual fitness level. The class improves oxygen uptake and endurance, so be prepared for perspiration and a good feeling!

The cardio area is not reserved during the class, so customers may use the equipment for warming up in the normal way, even during the class.