Mobility Testing

Mobility refers to the range of motion in your body’s joints. Adequate mobility speeds up recovery from exercise and prevents musculoskeletal injuries. Mobility also has a significant impact on good posture and overall well-being.

Poor mobility and tightness can hinder muscle strength training because sufficient force production may not be possible if your range of motion is limited. Factors such as aging and a sedentary lifestyle (including excessive sitting) can reduce tissue elasticity and flexibility. In practice, this can lead to stiffness, restricted joint mobility, and potential pain.

Investing in maintaining mobility early on is advisable because regaining lost mobility is much more challenging than, for example, developing weakened muscle strength. A mobility test is an excellent way to assess your current level of mobility and work on improving the range of motion identified during the test, ultimately enhancing your functional abilities.

Price: €30 (20 € when combined with the cycle ergometer test)

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Esport's mobility test