Esport Aalto

Esport Aalto is a sports centre with a spacious, well-lit gym, a separate Functional Zone area for functional workouts, a Hot Studio, a Bouldering wall, and a wide selection of group exercise classes (including Les Mills, trampoline and spinning classes). Further details are shown below.

Esport members may access all services of Esport Aalto. Membership plans include an open-ended Flexi agreement and a 12-month fixed period Smart agreement. Click here for further details of Esport membership.

The schedules for group exercise classes at Esport Aalto are shown here.

Class descriptions


Trip Studio

Our Trip Studio features top quality spinning bikes and a giant video screen, allowing you to try our Les Mills THE TRIP classes for the first time in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and to take other exercise bike classes. Pedal on the seabed or through the jungle with a live instructor in a gym equipped with top-of-the-range audio and a giant screen displaying wonderful 3D scenery. These classes will really boost your workouts!


For relaxation in the hustle of city life, Hot Studio provides a unique yoga or body care experience at a temperature that helps your entire body unwind. At an ambient temperature of 35 to 38 degrees, our Hot Studio makes your exercise comfortable and safe. Your muscles and joints are more elastic under these conditions, helping you to work with various postures for longer periods at deeper levels in a shorter time.

Aalto Studio

The spacious Aalto Studio provides Les Mills and World Jumping trampoline classes. Come and get hooked on your own favourite classes and try out new types of exercise.

Functional Zone

The Functional Zone is an area set aside for functional exercises, with access to Rogue fitness equipment.



Bouldering is indoor climbing with no harness. The Esport Aalto bouldering wall features several colour-coded routes of varying difficulty. We recommend wearing climbing shoes for bouldering.


The well-lit gym at Esport Aalto features Gym80 weight stack fitness machines, Precor aerobic treadmills and Rogue equipment in the free weights and functional exercise area. We have splendid facilities to meet the needs of beginners and more demanding gym users.

Fitness Testing Room

Esport has long experience of employee fitness testing, with trained testing staff able to arrange high standard, professional tests. Testing has been shown to improve motivation for exercise, and helps everyone to begin working out in a personally customised and safe way.